Eco School.

This week the eco kids have been busy putting together 420 mini battery recycling boxes. These boxes will be going home with your child this week and once they are filled please bring them back in to be recycled.



The children were visited by author John Dougherty who was in the area for the Appledore book festival.  He has written a range of poetry and fiction books for children including the Stinkbomb and Ketchup Face series. He held an assembly where he spoke about his books and performed some songs and poetry. Afterwards, children who had purchased his books were able to get them signed.

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Gliddon and Squire
This year the children are again competing in the Gliddon and Squire Cross Country league. This takes place over 6 weekend events throughout the winter.  We look forward to sharing their successes soon.

Gliddon and squire photo


Sports Day.

Year 2

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Year 3

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Year 5

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We all took part in an Easter Experience, organised and led by members of St Mary’s Church. Children visited five stations, each telling different parts of the Easter story. We found out about Jesus ’ journey into Jerusalem and Palm Sunday. We also had the opportunity to share grapes and unleavened bread to represent the Last Supper. Finally we looked at photos of people suffering and linked it to Jesus on the cross.


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Year 1 and 2 Tennis Festival

12 children went to the Atlantic Racquet Centre in Bideford and competed against 6 other teams from 2 different schools. They competed fantastically and improved their tennis skills all the way throughout the tournament. All of our teams finished in the top 6 and one team even managed to come 2nd after battling incredibly hard throughout the afternoon. Well done guys!

Yr 1 2 Tennis Tournament

Year 6 Indoor Athletics Event

12 children went to Bideford College and competed in an indoor athletics festival against 6 other teams. They were split into a team of 6 boys and 6 girls and together they produced some excellent results in events that included the triple jump, javelin and relay races. We finished 4th overall and just missed out on getting through to the regional qualifying event by a few points. Super work though chaps!

Yr 6 Indoor Athletics