Spring Term 2019


Day  Name of Club Adult Children's Age Max Numbers Space
 Monday Yoga Miss Mills Invitation
Invitation  only Hall
Tuesday TRUGS Mrs Taylor-Short Year 1 Invitation Only Bitterns' Classroom
Gardening Club Patti Morris Years 3 and 4 Invitation Only

Environmental Area 

Growing Beds

Forest  Schools

Mrs Potter

Miss Mills

Year 2 10 Environmental  Area 

Mrs BB 

Mrs Adnett

KS 2 Invitation Only Top Playground
Football Mr Wines Years 3 & 4 15 Field
Musical Theatre Mrs Edwards Years 1 to 6 26 Hall
Wednesday Netball

Mrs Cloke 

Sarah‐Jane  Palmer 

&  Anna Brown 

KS2 15 Top Playground
Eco Schools Miss Brend KS2 Invitation Only Blackbirds' Classroom
Choir Mr Scarrett & Mrs O'Dell KS2 60 Hall
Football Mr Wines Year 5 & Year 6 15 Field
Thursday Dance Miss Brailey KS1 20 Hall
Coding Mr Robinson KS2 Invitation Only Computer Room
Running Miss Davey KS2 Invitation Only Field
Signing Mrs Boyne KS1 10 Bitterns' Classroom