Reading for Pleasure

Mrs O’ Dell shared the Hairy Maclary Series by Julia Donaldson. She loves how chosen words just slip off the tongue. 

Willow shared Cat Tales by Linda Newberry, loving animal stories.
Jimi shared an information book called Animal Disguise which is his favourite book because he loves nature, with a seal being his favourite animal.

Miss Jackson recommends the ‘Winnie the Witch’ series, which she loves. She recommends looking out for the reappearing characters and features from the different stories.
Merilees from Jays shared the Jolly Postman By Janet and Allan Ahlberg, which is very exciting, with letters and envelopes being delivered to fairy-tale characters.


Toby shared an exciting I HERO book written by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore called Demon Sea. It involves an interactive adventure, where the reader makes choices regarding possible actions and responses, which will then lead them to different storylines.
Miss Frost likes all of the Michael Morpurgo books. She gave children an outline of the book Warhorse as a story about the journey of a horse during World War One. She also shared Kensuke’s Kingdom where a young boy called Michael gets stranded on an island, only to then discover that he is not alone…

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Mr Harris shared The slighty Annoying Elephant by David Walliams, which he said is worth a read as it is very funny, as well as having superb pictures!
Lily Mai shared Dork Diaries : Dear dork which is in the form of a very entertaining personal diary!

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Mr Scarrett recommended Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl telling everyone how it is a really good read and that it even introduces the book – The BFG.

Miss Whitehouse shared Howl written by our very own Mrs Lockett. The book follows the experiences of a pack of wolves and is an engaging and exiting read. Miss Whitehouse said that it even brought tears to her eyes.
Rafe recommended Paddinton by Michael Bond, saying it was an excellent read with fabulous pictures.

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Mrs Malcom recommends the Magic Faraway Tree Series.
In the woods, there is the Magic Faraway Tree where all of the characters live. In the tree, there are different magical lands. They were her favourite series of books when she was a child.

Magpies recommend the book ‘Yum! Yuck!’
 It has the question:
“What do you want on your yummy, scrummy, nice and cheesy pizza?”
Here are some quotes from  children: “I like this book because it is funny.”
“I like it because I like pizza.”


Brooke Maynard, a member of Reading Express Club, recommends ‘Wilf the Mighty Worrier and the Alien Invasion’  by Georgia Pritchett. She said that it has lots of good description and pictures that help her to understand the story.


Miss. Frost recommends two books, with one of them being  Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book by Julia Donaldson which is mainly aimed at Key Stage 1 children. It is based on people reading and it goes around different books, but in the end it goes back to Charlie.

She also recommended Holes by Louis Sachar aimed at older children.
A boy named Stanley gets sent to a detention centre in the middle of a desert and every day he must dig a hole for punishment and discover the truth about the warden .


Brek recommends Dinosaur Facts - He likes this book because he learns from it and he finds it interesting.

James recommended Nancy and the tug of war - He wanted to share this book because the characters like to play tricks on eachother and in the back of the book there are lots of puzzles to play

Mr Scarrett shared the book Thief! - “A girl called Lydia moves from her home to a place called Yorkshire. When she starts school she meets the mean  group of the school and her life turns pretty horrible, eventually she ends up in a time warp and must change the past so that the future will be better

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Miss Greenslade intrigued the children, reading an exciting part of ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz.
A  very funny part of ‘Horrid Henry’s Big Bad Book’ was shared by Toby from Greenfinches, who loves reading all the Horrid Henry books by Francesca Simon.

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Mr Harris  shared one of  Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, which are humorous rhymes based on well-known fairy tales.
Alfie from Herons encourages you to read ‘Everything’s Amazing’ by Tom Gates.

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Miss Whitehouse loved reading Enid Blyton as a child, including ‘The Secret Seven’ and the ‘Magic Five’  series.
All the Harry Potter books by J.K.Rowling are recommended as ‘a must read’ by Molly from Wrens.

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Mr Robinson recommends the exciting Terry Pratchett book ‘The Wee Free Men’ for children from seven and upwards.
William from Razorbills:  ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’ by David Walliams is a funny and entertaining read.

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