Year 6 Mallards & Merlins.


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Year 6 have had a busy couple of weeks!
After finding out the devastating effects of plastic pollution on our oceans, we have written persuasive letters to Mr Scarrett encouraging him to send another class on a beach clean. We have also had a great time learning and performing our class Act of Worship.


Homework for week 5.10.18
Maths Page – written addition and subtraction
CGP p30 +31
Reading 3 times per week

Year 6 had an amazing trip to the beach as a start for our ‘We can make a difference’ topic learning. We learnt about the rubbish found in the sea and the time it takes for different items of decompose. We then cleaned the pebbles of all rubbish we could find. The weather was glorious!

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Homework for week 19.9.18
Maths Page – Rounding
CGP p32+33

Year 6 have had a fantastic start!
We have been reviewing our understanding of place value to answer our ‘five a day’ questions. We can read, compare and order numbers up to millions!

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In English we have written an acrostic poem about Moses which include similes, metaphors and personification to create an image for the reader.