Year 5 Razorbills & Wrens


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We’ve had a range of new experiences recently. For some of us, trying new foods was a brave thing, and we had fun dressing up in chitons and robes on our Greek day. We’ve also been making and painting oil lamps and creating Greek vases as would have been used at that time.

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Also, Mrs Recycle came in for a day and helped us to do a waste audit. We were surprised at what we throw away as a school and will pass our findings to the Eco-council to come up with some improvements to how we deal with our waste as a school.

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Whilst the good (albeit cold) weather is upon us, we’ve been outside working on our Hockey skills. Recently we’ve worked on maintaining formation as we advance down the pitch – all applied in lots of quick games. We have also been working on badminton in the hall. For topic, we’ve been researching what it was like in Ancient Greece, using web pages, books and film clips.

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We have also developed our debating skills, with Wrens focusing on the question - ‘Should we have school uniform?’ We have had ‘Children in Need Day’ as a school and a visit form the fire service to teach children how to stay safe.

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Recently, we have been very fortunate to have an exciting introduction to our new ‘Ancient Greece’ topic in the form of a living historian.  Steve Manning kept the children enthralled with tales from the Iliad, armour demonstrations and some fascinating details about the differences between Spartans and Athenians. 

In PE, we have been playing Badminton, beginning with our technique for a service shot, working individually and in small groups to increase accuracy.

Children have also been sharing their home learning based on South America and the development of ideas for their own ‘Explorer’ story.


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With the recent good weather, Y5 have been fortunate to take their Circuit Training outside recently.  We have been collecting data over the half-term which we will use in our statistical work soon.  We’ve also been using Atlases to describe not only the location of Brazil in different ways, but also to compare it with the UK in relation to common development indicators such as GDP, literacy levels and life-expectancy. Linked with our class novel ‘The Explorer’, children have explored how characters have been developed and how to develop the story further.


Recently Y5 have been developing their key skills in the invasion game of Handball.  This has involved practicing a variety of passing and defending techniques, as well as applying them in mini-games. 

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In maths we’ve been using numbers up to 1 million, both counting in sequences and ordering numbers.  We’ve also been lucky enough to have an author visit from John Dougherty, as part of the Appledore Book Festival.

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Year 5 have had a busy start to the new school year.  As part of our Rainforest work we had a wonderful trip to the Eden project, collecting data about plant leaf sizes and colours to use in later maths work.  In class we’ve been looking at animal life-cycles, informal writing styles and Roman numerals, amongst other things.

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