Year 3 Chaffinches & Bullfinches.

Autumn Term

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Over the last two weeks the children have really enjoyed learning about fossils. We made our own fossils using shells and Plaster of Paris before writing instructions for another class.
The children have also created some fossil art thinking carefully about colour choices, tone and brush techniques.
Last Friday was our Harvest Festival. Year 3 wrote and read some beautiful prayers.



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Over the last two weeks we have continued with our Stone Age topic. The children have created some fantastic cave paintings using charcoal and stained paper which are on display in the classroom.


We have enjoyed investigating the features of instruction writing to prepare us for writing our own instructions regarding how to make a fossil.


In Maths we have moved onto addition and subtraction. This week we have been problem solving using three digit numbers.

The children have settled in well to Year 3. We have started our Stone Age topic and planned lots of exciting activities! This week, the children have loved finding out facts about the Stone Age, drawing pictures of the animals and creating a Stone Age timeline.

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