Year 2 - Jays & Goldcrests.

Spring Term.

We have both had our first Mystery Readers in class over the last couple of weeks. It was really lovely to see all the children’s reactions as a member of their family arrived to read. We are looking forward to our next visit.

In our fraction work we have been making pizza and adding the correct fraction of topping. We have also investigated different ways to shade ¼ of a shape.  

 050401  050402 050405 050406


Our English and science work was based around the book ‘Fussy Frankie’ In order to encourage Frankie to eat his fruit we had a fruit tasting session and then wrote a persuasive paragraph about our favourite piece of fruit.

 050403  050404    


In Year 2 we have been really enjoying our topic all about illnesses. We have been making microbes from playdough and labelling them, learning whether they are good or bad microbes.

 220304  220305 220307 


We also set up some science investigations to test how far a sneeze travelled and how germs spread from person to person or surface to surface. We really enjoyed using the glow germ lotion and a UV torch to see which parts of our hands we had forgotten to wash.

 220301 220302  220303 


This week we have been celebrating World Book Day. We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and brought in books to share with our friends. We also decorated our classroom door to represent a book we had read.

IMG 3919   IMG 3920

As part of our homework we were invited to make a story in a jar. We have displayed these in school and two winners were chosen. (jars photo)

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Half term homework:
Common Exception word sheets:- Please practise reading and spelling the words on the dinosaur or fish. Colour the words as you read them. Now have a go at using the words in sentences of your own.
Maths: Continue to practise the recall of your 2x, 5x, 10x and 3x tables. is a useful website to help with quick recall as well as a number of other mathematical problems. We use levels 1 and 2. Have a go at the partitioning, place value and multiplication games.

Over the past few weeks we have been learning all about the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. We have studied many of his paintings and have been using them to inspire our poetry writing. We have also started to look at how he created many shades of a colour by mixing a few at a time.

150201   150202  150203
 150204  150205  150206


As part of our Ice Explorers topic, Year 2 have visited Appledore Arts to take part in a workshop. During the day we made igloos from yoghurt pots and covered them in mod roc, we also drew some penguins and made them out of plastacine. We all had a lovely day, and it was great to share our amazing work during this topic with parents and grandparents at our ‘stop and celebrate’ event yesterday after school.

 310102 310103  310104   310105


This term Year 2 have started a new topic all about Polar Exploration. We have used atlases to locate the Arctic and Antarctic and have found out lots already about the different habitats and animals that live there.

We have been researching Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic in 1915, finding out about his ship Endurance and how it became trapped in the ice.


Our Christmas homework was linked to our new topic, what amazing models the class have made.

 110101 110102   110103
 110104  110105  110106
 110107  110110  110111

Autumn Term.

We have had such a busy last couple of weeks working hard to learn all the songs, script and acting parts for our nativity production ‘It’s a Cracker’ We have performed it several times to an audience and have received rave reviews from those who came to see us. Well done to all of year 2 and year 1- an amazing performance.

13.12.01  13.12.02 

We have also been busy writing the starts to our quest stories and trying to impress the King in order to be knighted. As well as this we have tried out a new computer game called ‘castle siege’ where we have to attack a castle using a mangonel. If successful we can move onto a trebuchet and then canon. Have a go, it’s great fun.

13.12.03  13.12.04


In maths this week we have been learning all about multiplication and repeated addition. We made arrays with counters and numicon and then wrote matching calculations to show our learning.

301102  301103  301104 

Both classes also had a visit by the Fire Service. We learned how to make an emergency call as well as what to do if we needed to escape from a fire. We loved dressing up in all the uniform.

 301105 301106   301107


We have just started our new topic of Knights and Castles this week. On day one we received a scroll from the king, inviting us to take part in a quest to save the princess by writing amazing quest stories. We have accepted his challenge and are really keen to get started. We spent some time talking about quests and who might go on them, as well as what a suitable reward would be.


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yr 2 tricky words- climb, only, because, wild, door, floor, most, both again, child, children, parents.

This week we have been learning all about shapes. We have identified 2D shapes and talked about their properties. Then in our quest time we made symmetrical patterns using the peg boards and also created 2d shapes on the geo boards.

Last Friday we held our school Harvest Festival, led by Reverend Leigh. Year 2 performed several poems and also read the prayers. We all enjoyed singing Cauliflowers Fluffy and Autumn days.

This week we have been writing our own poems based on ‘Tell Me A Dragon’ We used our class dragon as a starting point and created our class poem about it. We decided that our class dragon was a lava dragon with eyes ‘as blue as the sea on a sunny day’.
We have also made eggs using oil pastels and tissue, thinking about suitable colours to use to depict the type of dragon inside. During our quest time we made lego dragons and cone characters to go with our poems.

280902 280903
280901 280904 280905 280906

Year 2 have off to a flying start with our new topic this half term. We are finding out all about dragons, and are working towards writing our own poems based on the book ‘Tell Me A Dragon’. So far, we have looked at different types of dragons and have found our favourite ones on the computer. We have also designed dragon eggs linked to those in our poetry book and have enjoyed the chance to play with our class castles, complete dragon word searches and invent some amazing dragon names all in our ‘quest time.’

130907 130908
130904 130905 130906
130901 130902 130903